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Oh oh I have a song for this! (of course I do)

Question, concerns, comments or criticisms? This is the place for them! Please let me know if you have any problems, comments are screened and anon is enabled.
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Out-of-character permissions:
Thread-hopping: Permitted and encouraged
Fourth-walling: AKB48 is a real life band and one of the most popular in Japan, so if you play a Japanese character or one that's into their music you might have heard of her history. AKB0048 is more obscure, but if your character has reason to know it go ahead.
Backtagging: Always! I would really like to backtag everyone, although occasionally I lose threads so please go ahead and poke me if I haven't replied in a while.
No-go topics: I have no specific squicks or otherwise, usually it's safe to go ahead but if something does upset me I'll let you know and maybe we can work around it. I'm usually cool though.

In-Character permissions:
Hugs are the best!
Kissing: KISSING IS NOT FOR IDOLS sorry she's banned from romance and also 13
Flirting: You can try, I guess? But again idol rules. 13 years old. Not gonna work out.
Fighting: Hell yes
Injuring: WHY WOULD YOU but no seriously go for it
Killing: YOU MONSTER ah talk to me about it and we'll see
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on her: If you are willing to endure that amount of J-Pop getting stuck in your head go for it
Romance: NOPE
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 [So I guess we're picking who to die]

Set list

Sep. 26th, 2013 04:02 pm
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A list of songs Melody is ICly aware of in Aather, for my own reference
NTS find more English translations )
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Name Melody //Sono Chieri
Age 13
Team Tiger's eye

Height/Build 5”3 (161cm)/Chieri is quite skinny but she's got quite a lot of muscle on her from both dance practice and self defense training.
Hair Color/Eye Color Blue/Blue
Notable Traits None as of yet, although one day her hair and eyes will regain the heart shaped highlights in her icons. Until she earns the right skill or memory back they reflect light normally. Edit: And now she has them because Mouse sang to her, yay!

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